Rhonda Kevorkian

Rhonda launched her professional website, Tracing You, to help adoptees identify and find their birth parents by offering traditional and genetic genealogy assistance as well as mentorship. For ten years she has worked unknown parentage cases on her own and for volunteer organizations such as Search Angels. Helping families connect became her priority. When she heard about the use of investigational genetic genealogy, Rhonda joined the DNA Doe Project to help identify John and Jane Does. Her current role as a team leader allows her to help law enforcement name the nameless and give families closure through these identifications. When not researching, Rhonda enjoys sewing, painting and spending time with her family.

Lance Daly
Vice President

Lance caught the genealogy bug in early 2015, while researching his paternal family line – a complete mystery at the time. By summer of that same year, he had built out his family tree several generations and road tripped from New England to North Carolina to visit the Daly Family Cemetery. In 2020, he enrolled in Boston University’s Genealogical Principles Course to gain a solid foundation in genealogical research and methodology. That experience led him to focus his education and professional energies on genetic genealogy, by taking several online courses and educational webinars on the subject. Lance is now in the midst of cobbling together an education in investigative genetic genealogy (IGG) with plans to start an IGG internship in early 2022. In addition to APG membership, Lance is also a member of the Austin Genealogical Society and Texas State Genealogical Society.

Dana Leeds

Dana got interested in genealogy because of a family reunion in 1998. In 2013, she got serious about her education and has since taken numerous online courses and attended at least one institute every year. She developed the Leeds Method of working with DNA matches in 2018, which led to invitations to speak at both the local and national levels including RootsTech, i4GG’s International Genetic Genealogy Conference, and APG’s Professional Management Conference. Dana enjoys using her genetic genealogy skills to solve unknown parentage cases and has recently started taking paid clients.

Victoria Woo

Vicki became interested in genealogy when she was 8 and was helping her babysitter who volunteered at the local Family History Center. She came back to genealogy in college, where she researched her family’s Cherokee heritage, and enrolled herself, dad and grandmother in the Cherokee Nation. As a recently, retired probate attorney, Vicki has been generating genealogical records for years and has worked with the courts to locate missing heirs. She plans to devote more time to professional genealogical work now that she’s retired from her legal practice. Vicki lives outside of Houston, and when not researching, is busy with her husband and two teenage children.